Canada is blessed with world famous Parks and Canada’s untamed wilderness is home to a vast array of wild and wondrous creatures. Sacred Spaces – Canada’s National Parks captures, for the first time ever, all of Canada’s breathtaking national parks in one program, combining the very best of the Great Canadian Parks series, stunning new footage and the incomparable narration of Peter Trueman. Canada: The Undiscovered Land Canada – A Magnificent Journey is a three hour visual odyssey that takes viewers on an exciting and spell-binding journey across a great land. This series documents the greatest waterway system in the world. Canada has a dramatic coastline that traces along three oceans. There are nearly 1,000 Wardens in Canada’s National Parks, but only a small group has the real heart pounding jobs. These are the men and women who are called when an ULTIMATE RESPONSE is needed. “Destination Parks with Peter Trueman” showcases ten of Canada’s most spectacular parks. Host Peter Trueman takes viewers on a journey of discovery to his favourite natural spaces. GREAT CANADIAN RIVERS features 13 rivers that represent both the natural and cultural heritage of Canada. From an ancient buffalo jump to a Cold War fallout shelter;  from a house that inspired one of our greatest literary legacies to the site of our own Civil War; HISTORYLANDS documents Canada's most compelling Historic Sites. Great Lakes is a six part series of hour-length documentaries that explores the historic relationship between Canada's lakes, the people they have influenced and the communities they have shaped. Great Canadian Parks celebrates the incredible diversity of Canada's natural environments, by exploring the natural history and cultural heritage of its protected areas.


Good Earth Productions Inc. is a forward thinking company that has been producing numerous award-winning television series and new media since 1991. In that time they have garnered countless awards including a coveted “Hot Doc”. The company’s first television series Great Canadian Parks, was Discovery Channel’s number one series for five consecutive seasons and was nominated for seven Gemini Awards. It has been distributed in over twenty two countries. Their reality series Ultimate Response was also a hit for Discovery Channel and recently sold to France and Finland.